International Healthway Corporation Limited (IHC) is a healthcare services and facilities provider. Since our inception in 2010, we continue to capture growing opportunities in regional healthcare markets. Tapping on the increasing demand for healthcare services in Asia-Pacific, and the lack of good healthcare facilities in some markets, IHC aims to create an eco-system of healthcare services and facilities.

IHC focuses on the provision of quality healthcare through two business segments, Healthcare Services and Healthcare Facilities.

We provide quality Healthcare Services such as elderly care, women and children specialties and primary & preventive care through hospitals and nursing homes, maternity homes and step-down care facilities.

We also own and manage Healthcare Facilities in which we operate our Healthcare Services. In markets where such facilities are not available, we develop the Healthcare Facilities to expand our provision of Healthcare Services.

We have grown our market presence to include facilities in the major Asia-Pacific economies of People’s Republic of China (“PRC” or “China”), Japan, Australia and Malaysia.

IHC will forge ahead to cement its reputation as a premier provider of a wide spectrum of healthcare services and facilities, by providing a spectrum of primary medicine care and specialists care, to cover healthcare services from the young to the elderly.